ChromeOS to get search filter in Launcher, lockscreen updates, and more

Google is testing a couple of noteworthy features for its ChomeOS Launcher. The company is also working on some interesting changes in Settings.  Google is working on updates to the Launcher in ChromeOS, including a filter button for narrowing search results down to quickly find specific files, settings, app shortcuts, and more.  Users can customize … Read more

The 5 Best Android Phones

Android phones vary widely in both price and user experience, from just a couple hundred dollars to well over $1,000, and from unbelievably frustrating to unbelievably impressive. After spending hundreds of hours testing Android smartphones, we think the Google Pixel 7—which sits in the sweet spot of competitive pricing and great hardware—is the best Android phone … Read more

Why I’m buying an iPhone 14 as soon as the iPhone 15 arrives

Even though it still feels like summer, September is now upon us. And if you’re an Apple fan that means one thing: The new iPhones will soon be here. But after 15 years, the glamour of the annual event has worn off, and truly revolutionary features have become rarer and rarer. That’s why I’m more excited about … Read more